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Tine Valente

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Please also contact Sonja Stokholm if you want to apply for an internship or a job in connection with dissertation writing.

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AAOsteel was founded in 1924, but only in 1950 did the company engage in industrial production.

The Group structure with acquisition of companies generating synergies to AAOsteel was created in 2000 and activities and assets have been expanded since then.

Below are some milestones in the history of the AAOsteel Group:

1924: 23 years old Aage Østergaard establishes a silversmith business

1950: Production is diversified towards industrial components

1973: Development and production of sheet metal V-belt pulley

1980: Generational handover, creation of Aage Østergaard Limited and
          Aage Østergaards Foundation.

1987: Acquisition of buildings and relocation of spinning activities to separate
          transmission department.

1994: Construction of separate sheet metal cutting facility/hall

1997: Construction of additional production space in the transmission department

1998: Development and production of sheet metal Poly-V belt pulley

2000: Acquisition of building and establishment of separate welding department.
          Acquisition of advanced facility for combination of cutting and deep drawing
          of pulleys.

2004: Expansion of buildings and acquisition of 630t AP&T hydraulic press

2006: Construction of new administration building 

2007: Construction of new buildings of 6.000m2 

2012: Implementation of new corporate identity AAOsteel


AAOsteel shall develop into a leading industrial subcontractor with World Class performance.




Board of Directors of Aage Østergaard A/S


Kevin Müller, EcoNautic Systems GmbH

Board Member:

Mogens Hørdum Sørensen, Tium A/S

Board Member:

Jørn Hvidbjerg

Board Member:

Peter Lorentzen, AVK A/S

Board Member:


Staff elected Board Member:

Jesper Jusjong

Staff elected Board Member:

Jan Christensen

Staff elected Board Member:

Jane Hougaard

Steel Products in figures:

Revenue: DKK 550 mio.
Number of employees: 350 employees

D-U-N-S nummer:

Aage Østergaard A/S DUNS number is:  






- we sell competitive advantage

Our sales organization provides services in form of unique product solutions to a range of international and domestic customers. The offered product solutions cover very diverse customer requirements.

AAOsteel supplies components to manufacturers of:

  • Process equipment
    – for example food – and pharma process equipment
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Forestry and garden equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Heat exchangers

Contact AAOsteel

This is the AAOsteel sales team, ready to service you!

 stephan ny  mads ny  

Stephan Kirk


Phone: +45 7626 1253

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The Netherlands

Mads Bonnichsen


Phone: +45 7626 1258

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Contact AAOsteel:

aaosteel facade

If you have technical questions please do not hesitate in contacting us on telephone no.
+45 75 62 11 44.

Steel Products

At Steel Produtcts the total solution is available. In cooperation with the customers we are responsible for development and manufacturing of tooling and the serial production components. 

Steel Products consists of:
DFT-Presswork A/S
Aage Østergaard A/S
Brdr. Madsen Maskinteknik A/S

Mission Statement

To be a technologically leading supplier of cold forming processes and through innovation and development manufacture products which result in a competitive advantage for our customers. 

To develop a mentality of continuous improvement of our performance and profitability of our processes and supply chains.

Contact Steel Products

For further information about our machining processes please contact us over telephone no. +45 7562 1144.

Web: Shark & Co.